All About Us!

Okay, so we started in Miami, Florida in 2011 doing local/state-wide tattoo conventions and then, due to the wise words of a friend, branched out into comic/anime/horror conventions.  We pretty much had Florida covered…and then we moved up to North Carolina and new worlds opened up!  Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia….every state we can hit within driving distance, we SHALL hit!!

We pinkie-promise to bring you really cool new merchandise that will make your inner fan geek squeal with giddy abandon because we believe EVERYONE is a geek about something.  We order stuff we wanna keep for ourselves…and sometimes do, but that’s no one’s business, right? Look, a squirrel!  Anyway, we love meeting new people at all the shows we do and we absolutely LOVE when customers come up and say “Hey, I got this from you last year!”  We appreciate each and every purchase you make with us because you’re supporting a true small business, not a huge chain that treats you like just anyone else and could not care less if you weren’t happy with what you got.  We want you to be happy…we want you to curl up with your purchase at night in hammock by the beach and sing it to sleep.  We want you to make a salt circle around it to protect it from the evil forces that would wrest it from your fevered grip. We want you riding towards it in slow-mo on the beach as playful dolphins and narwhals urge you on, astride a unicorn that is pooping gigantoid jelly beans as it gallops towards that THING YOU MUST HAVE BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GETS TO IT!!!!

Baby Rabiez…we understand the madness…there is no cure.