Baby Rabiez…you’ve seen us at conventions, now you can visit us here! Such awesomeness!

 Hello, Baby Rabiez-ites! If you’re looking for the mondo cool merchandise that you see us selling at the cons throughout the South and parts of the mid-West, head over to our Facebook page, Baby Rabiez. We have it set up so you can buy directly from there, making it way easier for our non-technical selves! We’re also on Twitter, @babyrabiez, and Instagram: @baby_rabiez.  You can also email us at  We pinkie promise to respond to any and all questions/requests/vaguely worded threats/bribes/Nigerian lottery winner announcements. Keep checking here for upcoming shows! 

   OCTOBER 2017

Fayetteville Comic Con  October 21-22   1960 Coliseum Drive, Fayetteville, NC